Amethyst Crystal Slice Extra Large Natural Cave Specimen
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Amethyst Crystal Slice Extra Large Natural Cave Specimen

Beautifully Cut and Polished, 12.56 lbs Pounds - See pictures for size.

Location: 2221 S 5th Pocatello, ID HQ Shwcs

An amethyst geode is a natural rock formation that contains amethyst crystals on the inside. It is typically a hollow cavity lined with violet to purple-colored amethyst crystals that grow inward from the walls of the cavity. Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal that gets its purple color from trace amounts of iron and other minerals present in the crystal lattice.

Amethyst geodes are formed through a combination of volcanic activity and geological processes. They are typically found in geologically ancient lava flows or cavities in rocks, where silica-rich fluids containing dissolved minerals, including amethyst, penetrate into the hollow spaces. Over time, as the fluids cool and the minerals crystallize, amethyst crystals begin to form inside the cavity. The slow and gradual process of crystal growth results in the formation of stunning, often intricate, amethyst geodes with various shapes, sizes, and crystal formations.

Amethyst geodes are highly prized for their natural beauty and are commonly used as decorative pieces, healing crystals, and metaphysical tools.

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